A Promise Child

a promise child
A Promise Child
ISBN 978-0997334753
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287 pages

A Promise Child
by Kathryn Spurgeon

Sibyl Trimble Pope, a young woman from a wealthy Oklahoma banking family, finds herself married to a handsome hobo from the wrong side of the tracks.

The Depression rips through Sibyl’s hometown of Shawnee, Oklahoma, leaving dying stores, repossessed farms, and countless men and women out of work. Now living in poverty, she suffers the burdens of a changing world and troubled economy.

Based on a true story, Sibyl Pope wants to make the world a better place. Since her youth, she has followed her papa, a respected, clever-minded banker.

Interested in socialist politics and asking the hard questions of life, she struggles to find her own purpose. She does her best to listen to God, even when her father refuses to help.

Blessings come. A new baby, a job with the PWA, and a promise of a brighter future. Concerned for her children, she struggles to keep food on her table and love alive in her heart —for her family, her husband, and God.

Many people head west to save their families. Will Sibyl and Fremont abandon Oklahoma and their hopes and dreams for the promises in California? Or will they find a way to survive in Shawnee?

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