Jesus, One on One

Jesus One on One
Jesus, One on One
ISBN: 0997334797
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209 pages

Jesus One on One
by Kathryn Spurgeon

What if you saw Jesus face-to-face? Would you tremble in fear, shout for joy, or beg for mercy? Read about individuals who encountered Jesus and how they responded. Step into the shoes of those who met Jesus. What did the Foreigner think? How did the Leper feel? Why did the Woman wash Jesus’ feet with her hair? What was she thinking anyway?
The book of Matthew records at least forty incidents where Jesus interacted with one person. He understood people’s hearts and responded to their specific needs in specific ways. These stories bring insight into today’s problems. They show how Jesus can help us with our unique situations.

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“The author does an excellent of portraying spiritual insights as she retells the accounts of Christ in a contemporary way. Each chapter challenges the reader to think introspectively and allow Jesus to minister to them individually.”
-Alesa Campbell, Double Honor Ministry